Transforming Shock & a Road to Leadership: A response to the election


Dear Friends,

We live in uncertain and seemingly chaotic times. In the aftermath of the US election I would like to bring you some words, possibilities, and tools to support you in facing what is in front of all of us.

This post is for all sides of the political spectrum and seeks to unite us and ground us in a moment within history when emotional storms are raging.

This post is also a series of possibilities that we can embody to embrace shock and transform it into healthy leadership. This post doubles as a treatment for shock that acupuncturists can use in their practice today to support their patients who need it.

If you are someone who wants positive change in the world, wants to gain tools to show up as a healthy leader in this moment in history, and wants to learn how to work with intense forces such as external hatred and internal shock, this is for you.

It is also for the acupuncturist who wants a treatment to treat shock and support the emergence of healthy qualities of leadership in your patients.

Please share with your communities. It is my hope that the more voices we add to our collective desire for change (no matter who you voted for) will enable us to embrace a fuller human perspective and truly allow moments of chaos and darkness to bring us closer together and co-create a more beautiful future.

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