Anxiety, Stress Relief Practice

Here is a very effective practice to regulate the nervous system. It is useful anytime you are overwhelmed, anxious, and/or spinning out in relationship to life. When we can stay present and curious in response to life events, we continue to be moved by life, and learn and grow.

When our nervous system becomes tweaked out, we being to lose presence and step into survival mode. Essentially we start running, fighting, freezing, or playing dead, instead of awakening, evolving, facing, and engaging. This very simple practice is here for you to support you on your journey. I learned it from Anna & John Chitty, two excellent teachers.

Please try it out and share it with your friends. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. It is very effective and perfect in moments of acute spinning out and as a daily practice to regulate the nervous system over time. The practice itself can take less than 2 minutes, or can be extended for deeper relaxation. I suspect after you listen once or twice, you will be able to easily do it on your own, anywhere, anytime, but feel free to listen here whenever you need the support.

To your curiosity and perpetual awakening!

Please post your experiences and share with your friends!

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