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Practitioner Skills

Here is an article I wrote on five practitioner skills. I originally learned these from my teachers, Anna & John Chitty. They are some of the most useful basic skills that are, unfortunately, missing from most healing art educations. These skills are powerfully effective for the new and seasoned practitioner. These skills take you step by step through the essential pillars in fostering a potent space of healing. At the end there is a section especially suited to practitioners who use differential diagnosis, such as Chinese medicine practitioners, as a part of their tradition.

These “practitioner skills” could as easily be called life skills and applied by anyone, practitioner or not. If you ever find that you ever feel lost in the treatment room, or in life, read this!

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Practitioner Skills

Silken Threads of Transformation: Yin Wei Mai

In this post, Alexander Love takes us on a journey through the Eight Extraordinary Vessel, Yin Wei Mai, and explores how it elucidates “process philosophy” as it relates to healing and transformation. This discussion invites us to explore our relationship to being a ‘thing’ vs. and evolutionary process. Here we begin to see what emerges when Chinese medicine and Integral Theory converge. Tell us what you think!

Spirit of Fire Yuan-Source Points

In this post, Alexander Love explores the spirit of Heart 7, Small Intestine 4, Heart-Mediator (PC) 7, and Triple Heater 4. Enjoy! Share your comments below!

Blocks to Treatment

In this post, Alexander Love introduces the concept of ‘treatment blocks’ and then explores the ‘HW’ and ‘Aggressive Energy’ treatment; a very exciting narration of these powerful treatments. Please share what it brings up for you!