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Failure: A Gateway to Happiness


This week I want to encourage you to fail! Sound like fun? Probably not, but a largely held secret is that the willingness to fail is a key to living a life that is full of delight and freedom. In this post, I explore how to fail well and hopefully make a case for why embracing failing is actually a very wise thing to do.

I hope you dive in and enjoy learning the hows and whys of failing well. I can say for me, doing so has lead to a lot more happiness and delight.

Please post how it moves you below:-)

Passion – The Other Side of Nothing


This week I explore passion and the three things we need to work with to ensure our lives are filled with healthy passion. I hope you enjoy!

Please post your comments below…you NO LONGER need to login to comment, so its way easier! Can’t wait to hear from you.

Also, as a part of my own passion, I recorded the first song I am working on since I started learning guitar again after an 18 year break. Please click here and listen!


Welcome back! In this audio, I explore three necessary things to cultivate to live a life filled with curiosity and wonder.

I recently decided to come back to learning the guitar after being inspired by my daughter’s love of the harp. I was going to become a professional musician but then let it go after my father died. Now, I am diving into music again and want to invite all of us to have fun, delight in life, and BE CURIOUS!


Fear, Stillness, and Winter



What does fear have to do with stillness, wisdom, and the unknown? These questions are answered when you and I explore the qualities and domains brought forth by Winter. Chinese medicine states in some of its earliest classical texts, that we become ill when we are out of contact and communion with the natural cycles of life. Very often, in our modern culture, we hardly notice the qualities of the seasonal phases and therefore become cut off from their wisdom.

In this audio, I unpack some of the dimensions taught to us through the season of Winter. My hope is this will give you a path to more deeply embrace the potent learning that lives within us, if we embrace the territory that Winter invites us into: Namely…letting go of the known, embracing the fear of death, the fear of life, and the infinite mystery…Just a few little little things;-)

Winter is intense, and to fully embrace her, we too must embrace some intense dimensions of this beautiful life.

With Love & Warmth,


Cultivating Gratitude


Dear Friends,

Welcome back! In the US, we celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday. At its foundation this is a time for cultivating and resting within deep gratitude. In this post, I differentiate between gratitude of the surface and gratitude of the deep, and then explore the “Three P’s” which are necessary keys cultivating gratitude. My hope is that this audio will support you this week to embrace the richness of your life and the gift of having other human beings to build relationships with. Please share with your friends so we can bring more gratitude into this time of great change and uncertainty.

Also, my friends at Pacific Integral shared this video with me and I find it deeply moving. I hope you enjoy it too.

Transforming Shock & a Road to Leadership: A response to the election


Dear Friends,

We live in uncertain and seemingly chaotic times. In the aftermath of the US election I would like to bring you some words, possibilities, and tools to support you in facing what is in front of all of us.

This post is for all sides of the political spectrum and seeks to unite us and ground us in a moment within history when emotional storms are raging.

This post is also a series of possibilities that we can embody to embrace shock and transform it into healthy leadership. This post doubles as a treatment for shock that acupuncturists can use in their practice today to support their patients who need it.

If you are someone who wants positive change in the world, wants to gain tools to show up as a healthy leader in this moment in history, and wants to learn how to work with intense forces such as external hatred and internal shock, this is for you.

It is also for the acupuncturist who wants a treatment to treat shock and support the emergence of healthy qualities of leadership in your patients.

Please share with your communities. It is my hope that the more voices we add to our collective desire for change (no matter who you voted for) will enable us to embrace a fuller human perspective and truly allow moments of chaos and darkness to bring us closer together and co-create a more beautiful future.

Shadow Work & Practice

Hello Friend! This week I am happy to share with you an introduction and exploration of “shadow work”. If you don’t know what that is, you are in for a treat. Understanding what shadows in our psyche are can be a profound entry into greater psychological health and living with compassion. In this post, I will give an introduction to what shadow is, and then explore how to work with it. If you are someone who wants to be better equipped to engage in what can appear like a deeply divided world, you need to listen to this! I hope you enjoy and please share with your friends.

Grief, Acceptance & Preciousness


Welcome back! In this week’s audio blog, I explore grief, acceptance, and the preciousness of life. I draw upon the wisdom of Chinese medicine and my own exploration with grief over the last 18 years. The Autumn is a time to reflect deeply on the wisdom within grief and how it can move us to deeply embrace the powerful forces of acceptance.

Life is a gift and each moment is precious. We just don’t know when those we love will disappear from our lives. Please, join me in deepening our relationship to this domain of life, so that we may never forget the preciousness of each moment we have together.