Fear, Stillness, and Winter



What does fear have to do with stillness, wisdom, and the unknown? These questions are answered when you and I explore the qualities and domains brought forth by Winter. Chinese medicine states in some of its earliest classical texts, that we become ill when we are out of contact and communion with the natural cycles of life. Very often, in our modern culture, we hardly notice the qualities of the seasonal phases and therefore become cut off from their wisdom.

In this audio, I unpack some of the dimensions taught to us through the season of Winter. My hope is this will give you a path to more deeply embrace the potent learning that lives within us, if we embrace the territory that Winter invites us into: Namely…letting go of the known, embracing the fear of death, the fear of life, and the infinite mystery…Just a few little little things;-)

Winter is intense, and to fully embrace her, we too must embrace some intense dimensions of this beautiful life.

With Love & Warmth,


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