Generative Leadership & Chinese Medicine Series

In this Podcast, I am joined by Bob Dunham, CEO and founder of The Institute for Generative Leadership. Bob and I have been having regular conversations exploring the synthesis of Ancient Chinese medical wisdom with the ontological coaching and leadership tradition. Much of our discussions will be part of a future course in generative leadership and Chinese medicine, but Bob was kind enough to allow me to post an excerpt from our discussion.

We explore many topics including the sensory organs as portals of the heart, the unfolding purposefulness within our hearts, and the notion of “conversation & adaptation” and how it lives within us.

I am struck by the beauty of Chinese medicine and its orientation to the movement of consolidation and unfolding of our essential purposefulness and how this evolutionary process is enlivened by responding to the outside world.

We have this desire to move inward to embrace our deeper nature in an act of “consolidation” while at the same time, the world propels us into motion and moves us. When there is an interpenetration between the movements of the outside world and the innermost movements of our soul, we become deeply moved by the world and the world becomes deeply moved by us.

Here there is a mutual unfolding and resonance wherein the interiority of our unfolding nature is allowed to be breathed by the world, and in-so-doing, infinite plumes of uniqueness of the Whole unfurl. Oh good lord, who talks like that!!!??? 🙂





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