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The Voices of our Future initiative is a project designed to co-create a cultural wave of change by hosting a diversity of voices to stir, ignite, & transform the world.

We believe that your voice matters beyond measure. We believe that for us to effectively make this world a better place for future generations, we need to come together as a community and make our voices heard. You are invited to join our global movement for change and co-create a beautiful future.

Language is generative, which means our voices, as an extensions of our hearts gives birth to a new future. Our voices ring out from the depths of our interior and bring this out into the world so that as a community we can grow and transform who we are and what we believe. The more we can mutually influence each other by hearing our unique expressions of our deepest dreams of what is possible, the more we can broaden our compassion to embrace more of the whole.

The process is simple: You will submit a video that is a maximum of 5 minutes long.
You will share three basic things.

1. My Vision

2. My Story

3. My Wisdom

The only cost of becoming a part of this movement for global change is the boldness to speak and the courage to bring your wisdom out into the open.

To join:

1. Click the, I’m in! Button
2. Next you will receive an email outlining the next steps and specifics of what we need from you and voila, you will have your voice added to our global movement to make this world a better place.

After that, you will be invited to continue adding new inspirations, new visions, and new creativity to this project so your impact and voice is heard more and more deeply each day.

Our goal is to be 1,000 voices strong by early 2017. Come be one of the first people to step up and give voice to the future you want create together! You do not have to be a public speaker, or even comfortable with speaking, to join this movement for change. All you have to be is a human being with a desire to co-create a healthier, brighter, and more compassionate world.

Watch and listen above to the people who have decided to change the world by sharing their voices.

Join the revolution and let’s co-create a more beautiful future!

Join the Voices initiative here!

We will not share your info with anyone.