Song – Walking Stick


Between 13-21 years old, I was engrossed by the guitar. My dream was to become a professional musician. I even went to two years of music college and studied guitar and percussion. At 20, my father died, and at around 21ish I stopped playing the guitar in any serious way.

Instead, I studied the healing arts. Perhaps, unconsciously I felt a path of medicine would help me heal from the loss of my father. Not to mention, the kind of music I played, was deeply passionate, and with the loss of my father, passion no longer felt quite right. I became quieter, and less exuberant when it came to living with passion.

Almost 19 years later (3 weeks ago), I had a flash that my seven year old daughter, Sophia would love to play the harp. Moments later, I had set up a time for her to meet with a harp teacher in town, Margot Krimmel. About two weeks ago, she had her first lesson. Since then, Sophia has been on fire. She has figured out 16 songs (they haven’t gone over songs in the lesson yet;-), has asked me how to read music, understand music theory, and more. Now, almost every waking moment is about living and learning music. We even put on a show last night where 9 people come over and Sophia played 15 of her songs; one a duet with me playing an avant garde rendition of mary had a little lamb

With this ignition in her, about a week ago, something awoke in me. Somehow the sleeping passion for music came back to life. I realized in that moment, I had to begin learning the guitar again. It was as if an entire part of me had been sleeping, and has now opened its eyes, demanding that I study seriously. Not seriously as in serious, but seriously as in devoting substantial time to it.

Last week I started with a teacher, Khabu Doug Young last week and have been practicing 1.5-2 hours per day. AND, did you hear about the internet?! When I studied guitar 18 years ago it wasn’t much of a thing…but now I can study with so many teachers and discover so much just from my computer.

My main interests are to learn jazz bebop and gypsy jazz. (I’m starting to learn both of those songs right now:-)

I haven’t felt this quality of happiness in a very long time.

So, this is the first song I have been working on. I first heard this song when listening to an amazing boulder band Espresso. I hope to be good enough one day soon to be able to sit in with them. Make sure to check them out at their various shows, or every Sunday (in the warmer months, at Spruce confections on pearl street.

P.S. To hear my thoughts on living a passionate life, check out this post here on the three necessary components to cultivating compassion.

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